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British politics news: success for Liberal Democrats and UKIP


This week saw an interesting event in British politics in the shape of the Eastleigh (Southampton) by-election. This means that they had an election in one constituency (area) of the country. They had to do this because the Member of Parliament (MP), Chris Huhne, resigned after he admitted to committing perjury (lying under oath in Court) about criminal charges against him to do with avoiding a speeding ticket.


The result was that the Liberal Democrats won, with the UK Independence Party (UKIP) second, the Conservatives third and Labour fourth.


The most significant thing is that UKIP gained support. It is a minority party which is anti-Europe and anti-immigration. Their success raises questions about the popularity of the current coalition government (Conservatives and Liberal Democrats) and the importance of the issue of immigration especially. It is being seen as a sign that the British voters are becoming more preoccupied with immigration.


Is the political situation the same in your country? What do you think?


Please read the BBC article here:



Discussion about UKIP:


  1. hcindy
    14/03/2013 at 1:55 AM

    It is interesting to see that the situation in Great Britain and in France is similar. The French party “FN” (Front National) used to be considered as a minority party, but it is becoming more and more popular and some French people feel confused about it, they do not understand why the FN is becoming so popular. The FN is anti-immigration and wants to remove the euro-currency in France, so as to restore the French-franc currency.
    This party is considered as controversial, so the other political parties tend to be united against the FN.
    I think that if French (and British) are preoccupied with immigration, then this question should be examined. But I do not agree with the FN, I do not like the fact that this party is very vague in its explanations. I just think that this party cannot be trusted and can be dangerous.
    Unfortunately, due to the crisis, people are looking for extreme solutions. It reminds me of the situation in Greece, with the political party “Golden Dawn” which is very popular.

    PS: I hope that my message was clear, I still have difficulties with English. But hopefully I will improve my English thanks to your great videos and courses, I find them really useful. Thank you for your work, this is very generous from you to help people learning English and to share your knowledge. Greetings from France!

  2. 14/03/2013 at 7:08 PM

    Thank you, that’s an excellent comment! I understood it well. Concerning times in Europe, that’s for sure.

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