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Learn English online: “How the Internet is changing language” (reading practice)


This is a reading of a recent BBC article entitled “How the internet is changing language”, found here. Read by Chris from England.


Summary of key points

  1. The Internet is creating a very fast language evolution.
  2. The Internet means that, for the first time ever, the major of the world’s text data is not in English, although English is expected to dominate in the future.
  3. Most English speakers are not native speakers, but the Internet facilitates communication.
  4. English is being combined with other languages on the Internet to create new words and meanings.
  5. The Internet is making English even more important – especially for businesses.
  6. Texting has become the first written form of many languages.
  7. The Internet is allowing other languages to survive and flourish.
  8. Example: Hinglish – mixture of English, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu. Being taught to British diplomats and recognised by phone companies.
  9. The majority of the world’s population now speak more than one language.

English is the dominant language of the world and the Internet, but other languages are not being endangered. They are combining with English to create something new.

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