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Learn British English: UK news about woeful weather


The end of 2012 was filled with rain and floods in the UK, causing many problems in some regions of Great Britain. This has created a lot of discussion about the weather in the news and media, with speculation about what the future holds.

At the bottom of this piece is a link to a BBC article which reviews major weather events in the UK in recent years. Please have a look if you have time. I have explained some of the vocabulary below. Remember: the weather is always a popular subject for British people!


Weather vocabulary

Met Office: the main office in the UK where weather experts analyse the weather and create forecasts for the future.

Weather forecast: the small section on the radio or television where a person explains what weather is predicted over the next few days.

“Big freeze”: a period of freezing weather. (Below 0oC.)

Hosepipe ban: if there is a lack of water in areas within the UK, the authorities enforce a “hosepipe ban”, meaning residents are not allowed to use their hosepipes.

Heat wave: a period of very hot weather. For example, a heat wave in the UK constitutes a few days with the temperature at 30oC or above. That is very unusual here.


Read much more on the BBC, here.

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