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Learn English: a “really” important word


This lesson aims to get you confident in how to use the word “really” in English.


“Really” as a synonym for “very”

This is the most common one, it’s really important to know:


“It’s really cold today.”

“Do you like her?” “Yes, I really, really do.” (So much.)


“Really” within questions

“Really” is so useful because it can be used to frame questions, which is not possible with “very”:

“Oh, really?” (“Is that true?” or “Are you sure?”)

“Do you really want to do that?” (Are you sure you want to do that?)

“I’m going to ask her out!” “Really?” (“Seriously?” or “Are you joking!”)


“Really” means “honestly”

“Really” can be used in a meaning similar to “honestly” or “truthfully”:

“Do you really mean that?” (Do you honestly mean that?)


“Really” means “truly” or “actually”

“Did he really do that?”

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