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Feel “fine” about your English

Let’s have a look at some of the uses for the adjective “fine” in modern English, which roughly means “good” or “no problems”:


Feel “fine about” something

You feel ok about it / you don’t have any problems and aren’t upset.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine about it.” (Use “about”.)


Describe how you are

“I’m fine thanks, how are you?”

“All’s fine, cheers.”


Use “fine” to decline an offer

“Would you like something to drink?” “I’m fine, thanks.” (No, thanks.)

NOTE: be careful, this one is confusing!


Confirm something’s ok

“Shall we meet you then?” “Fine, let’s do that.”

“I can offer you a discount.” “Fine.”


To be “fine with” something

You are satisfied with it. (Remember to use “with”.)

“So you’re just friends now?” “Yes, I’m fine with it.”


NOTE: “fine” has at least one other meaning, which means something like “thin”, e.g. “it’s a very fine material.” (Thin and / or delicate.)

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