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British English Song #2

Here I am performing my second British English song. Please see the lyrics below.



British English Song #2 (words and music by Chris Workman)

This British English Song

Is neither right nor wrong,

Hopefully not long,

It’s already begun!

We’ll learn something,

I’ll play and sing,

We’ll forget everything,

Then we’ll be done.

No-one’s English is near perfect.

Some native speakers don’t have a clue.

So as long as you keep learning

You’re doing the best that you can do.

Is it “trousers” or “pants”?

A “faucet” or “tap”?

A “bin” or “trashcan”

In the UK?

If you’re in the US

You mustn’t forget

(Compared to what I said)

English ain’t quite the same.

Do you “do” or “make”?

Give or take?

For your own sake

Just try your best.

Work each day,

Hear what I say,

Hope or pray

And you’ll get the rest.

Don’t forget that language should be fluid,

Moving freely like birds in the sky.

Never doubt that you can do it.

The question should be, “How?”, not, “Why?”

And prepositions

Ain’t easy decisions

If no-one listens

To your mistakes.

Verbs and nouns

Go round and round

With the same sound,

What will it take?

So reach out far,

Find where we are,

You’ll be a star,

I believe in you.

Please have no fear

‘Cause we are here

Not far, but near,

And we are true.

If we seem unkind,

Like something’s on our mind,

You mustn’t be shy,

Just come our way.

Say “Hi!” or “Hello”

And you never know

We probably won’t go,

We’ll smile and say, “Hey!”

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