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British English pronunciation lesson: answers for Cilene and more

In this lesson I pronounce some words for possibly the last time for my colleague Chantal, and answer questions posted to me on Youtube by the delicious Cilene from Brazil.





Word              Phonetics (emphasise syllable in CAPS)

strategy           STRAH-tuh-jee

strategic           STRUH-tee-jik

volunteer         vo-lun-TEER

volunteering    vo-lun-TEER-ring

voluntary         vo-lun-TEH-ree

volunteerism    vo-lun-TEAR-rih-zum

discrete            dih-SCREEET

discretion        dih-SCREH-shun

valuable           VAH-lyoo-ball

“Shake things up.”

“The new manager is going to shake things up.”

BBC news article on London 2012 volunteers: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-19201329


Question from Cilene

I’d like to know how to pronounce them when they’re followed by a word which starts with vowels.

I was reading Shakespeare and there was a pun with it, and another video about accents.

Seems like in American English, the song I’m referring is like a “z”. But in British English, it really sounds like “s”, but I’m not sure.

I mean “this apple” (thiSSapple or diZapple)?


In Britain we use the “s” sound, almost linking the words.

This apple.       thiSS-apple

This house.      thiSS-house

This object.      thiSS-object

Note: “h” acts like a vowel at the beginning of words.


Question from Cilene

The words “ride” and write” are pronounced the same way, the ONLY difference is that the “i” in the first word is longer…
Don’t you pronounce the “t”s and “d”s in the middle of a world?
Or was it a particularity of a specific accent?


Listen to me pronounce the words. There is a difference.

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