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British English pronunciation lesson: words ending with “s” (plurals) and more

In this lesson I help you with difficult pronunciation of words ending in “s” and other important words.





Question from Camila on https://learnbritishenglish.wordpress.com/

Could you tell us exactly how to pronounce TH(E) + S?
in words such as:

months                                    munthss (mun + th + ss)

moths                          moths

cloths                           cloths

home-truths                 home-truthsz (home-true+thzz)

mouths                                    mouthsz

clothes,                        clohthsz

bags                             bagsz


competencies               KOM-puh-tun-sees

fundamental                fun-duh-MEN-tall

creativity                     kree-ay-TIH-vih-tee

partnerships                 PART-nuh-ships

technical                      TEK-ni-cool

organisation                 or-guh-ny-ZAY-shun

professionalism           pruh-FEH-shu-nuh-lih-zum

clearly                          cleer-lee

spoken                         SPOH-kun

written                         RIH-tun

relevant                       REH-luh-vunt

detail                           DEE-tale

word                            wurd (like “bird”)

ward                            woard (like “bored”)

world                           wurld

reasonable                   REE-znuh-ball

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