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Business English pronunciation lesson 5

In this lesson I have some more pronunciation advice and I teach you about using the 24-hour clock to tell the time.





Emphasise syllable in CAPITALS


Word                           Phonetics

sceptical                      SKEP-ti-cool

septic                           SEP-tic

prioritisation                pry-o-ri-ty-ZAY-shun

doubt                           dowt

Legal expression: “beyond a reasonable doubt”.

Pathology                    pa-THO-lu-jee

GPs                             jee-peez

six-fold                        sikss-fold

Their profit increased six-fold. (Increased by 600%)

objective                      ob-JEK-tiv

route                            root

word                            wurd






especially                     uh-SPE-shu-lee (“uh” is extra syllable)

establish                      uh-STA-blish / eh-STA-blish


24-hour clock

1200                            12 o’clock; noon; midday

1300                            1 (p.m.)

1400                            2

1500                            3

1600                            4

1700                            5

1800                            6

1900                            7

2000                            8

2100                            9

2200                            10

2300                            11

0000                            12; midnight (next day)

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