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Business English pronunciation lesson 4

In this video I talk through a presentation about the concepts of Lean Management and Six Sigma, helping you pronounce many important words with some examples of use.






Smashing can mean “great” / “fantastic” (positive adjective)


Lean vs Six Sigma


Emphasis on syllable in CAPITALS

potential                      puh-TEN-shool

expectations                eck-spek-TAY-shunz

lean                              leeen

quality                         KWOH-li-tee

variation                      vair-ree-AY-shun

data                             DAY-tuh

customer                      KUSS-tuh-mur

“The customer is always right.”

Lean management priority one: understand your customer

complement                 KOM-pluh-ment

encompasses                en-KUM-puh-siz

methodologies             meh-thuh-DOH-luh-jeez

principles                     PRIN-sih-pools

engagement                 in-GAYJ-munt

prioritisation                pry-oh-rih-ty-ZAY-shun

sequencing                  SEE-kwun-sing

measure                       MEH-jhur (soft “j”)

prestigious                   pri-STIH-juss

prestige                        preh-STEEJ

sheet                            sheeet

fishbone                      FISH-bone

talk                              toark

“In the meeting he talked and talked and talked.”

develop                       duh-VEH-lup

differentiation             di-fur-ren-shee-AY-shun

value                            VAL-you

add value

“Each step in the process must add value.”

“We need to eliminate any processes which don’t add value.”

“Proven lean tools reduce non-value-add.”

diagnosis                     deye-ahg-NO-siss

action                          ACK-shun

action notes

“That is my responsibility so I will take that action.”

root cause                    root corz

“Search for the key factors that have the biggest impact on process performance and determine the root causes.”

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