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Business English pronunciation lesson 2





Word               Phonetics (emphasis on syllable in bold)

Region             ree-jun

Require            ri-kwire

Exacerbate      egg-zah-sur-bate

“Your lack of action exacerbated the problem.”

Acutely           uh-cute-lee

Proactively      proh-ack-tiv-lee / proh-ack-tiv-lee

Reactively       ree-ack-tiv-lee / ree-ack-tiv-lee

Hub                 (“hub” means something is the centre-point of activity.)

First step         furst step

Near-term        neer-turm

Counterparts   cown-tuh-parts

Throughput     throo-puht

Leverage         leh-vu-rij

Ambulatory     am-byou-lay-tu-ree

Discharged      diss-charjd

Success            suck-sess

Vulnerable       vul-nu-ru-ball / vun-ru-ball

Actuality         ack-choo-ah-li-tee

“You think you’re right, but in actuality, you’re wrong!”

Care                 kair

Healthcare       hellth-kair

Enterprise        en-tuh-prize

Justices            jus-ti-siz

Wrestling         reh-sling

Federal                        feh-duh-rool / feh-drool

(e.g. Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI])

Blatant                        blay-tunt

“Your incompetence led to a blatant error.”

Renewed         ru-nyoud

Climate            cly-mitt

Decade                        de-kade

Mismatch        miss-mach

Escalating        eh-skuh-lay-ting

Research          ree-surch

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