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Business English pronunciation video 1




Word: phonetics (syllable in bold is emphasised / accentuated)

Denise: du-neez

Dennis: deh-niss

Malcolm: mowl-kum

Julika: you-li-ka


Underestimate (verb): un-dur-ess-tu-mate

Underestimation (noun): un-dur-ess-tu-may-shun

Fundamental: fun-du-men-tall

EFQM: ee-eff-kyou-emm

Assess: uhsess

Results: ri-zultss

PCT: pee-see-tee

Do: dooo

Creativity: kree-ay-ti-vi-tee

Capability: kay-pu-bi-li-tee

Lower: loh-wur

Questionnaire: kwess-chun-air

Deliverables: du-li-vu-ru-balls

Pillars: pi-luz

Patients: pay-shunts

Ward: w-oar-d            (like “bored”)

Wards: w-ooaar-dz


Soft “th”

The: thee or thu


“D” sounds like “j”

During: jure-ring

Duration: jure-ray-shun


Hard “j”

Project: pro-dject

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