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Video 8: pronunciation party

In this video I concentrate helping you with difficult bits of pronunciation, including some minimal pairs.





Minimal pairs: http://www.englishclub.com/pronunciation/minimal-pairs.htm




ride: r-eye-d

read: reeed / red (past participle / past simple – as above)

raider: ray-duh



man / men

cheap / chip: cheeep / chip

beat / bit: beeet / bit

The “i” song is particularly difficult too, I think we don’t have this song in any romance language.
Your name, for example, would sound “Chrees”


During many years, I’ve never noticed that the “oo” in “good” is not the same as the “oe” in “shoes”.

wooed / wood: woood / wuhd

shoes / good: shoos / guhd

good = wood = should = could

food: foood
beautiful: byou-t(uh)-fool

optimistic: op-t(uh)-miss-tik

easy: ee-zee


Using either – and neither too!


In this context the same meaning as “also” or “as well”.

“I like football too.”

Either: eee-thur / eye-thur

Describing a choice or selection of items.

“I’ll buy you either a dress or shoes. Not both.”

Neither: neee-thur / neye-thur

Negative form of “either” – for negative ideas and statements.

“I don’t like football.” “Me neither.”

Listen to this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7sYNptYjsE&feature=related At 1:30, the man sings about the difference in pronunciation. Listen carefully!


Linking negative statements. (Negative of “either…or…”)

“I am neither hungry nor tired.”


Please see the BBC page below for a far better explanation:



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