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Double negatives Q & A

QUESTION: Thank you very much for your interesting and handy lesson. I want to ask a question. I thought that you (English) use just one-negative in yours sentences, for example “I never said” or “I did not say” but I heard double-negatives in songs. “There ain’t no way” or ” ain’t no one”. Could you just explain a little bit about that when should we use “ain’t no”? May I write “there ain’t no show” or just “there ain’t snow” except for “there is no snow”

Could you just explain a little bit about that which word has the same meaning as ” ’em “?


ANSWER: Excellent question and I’m glad that you have understood the meanings.

In English, double negatives are WRONG. However, in songs people often use them because people who write a lot of popular songs can’t speak proper English. Informally you could use them but formally absolutely not. Especially “ain’t” because it is not acceptable in formal contexts even by itself.

To be honest, I would recommend that you do NOT use double negatives because they are incorrect and confusing.

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