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Online acronyms

In this post I am going to list and explain the most common words or abbreviations that English speakers use when chatting online. You might know them already, but if you don’t, they should be very useful.


1. lol = “laugh out loud” – this is the most common and people use it whenever they are laughing.

“lmao” and “lmfao” mean a similar thing to “lol”.

2. brb = “be right back” – when you have to leave for a short time, so the person knows you will come back.

3. btw = “by the way” – if you want to say something different to the conversation.

4. imo = “in my opinion” – when you want to express your thoughts or ideas.

5. omg = “oh my God!” – an expression of surprise or shock.

6. tbh = “to be honest” – when you want to be honest about something.

7. kk = “OK” – same as OK.

8. ftw = “for the win” – this is a silly phrase which means the subject is very good. Quite unusual.

9. fml = “for my loss” – used to sum up a negative or disappointing statement.

10. 2 = “to” or “too” – can even be used in other words e.g. “2day” (today) “2nite” (tonight).

11. u = “you” – “Have a good night” “u 2” (you too).

12. wtf / ffs = these are rude exclamations that I won’t explain here but you get the idea.

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