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Useful questions and answers

Below are some interesting questions from a friend and brief answers:


I wonder, whether it’s correct to use such words as “moreover, furthermore, however, nevertheless, on balance, afterwards etc ” in formal letters? 
Also, would it be a mistake if I use ” to sum up” for instance, in a letter to a friend? Are there any rules about using these words?
Can you please give me a piece of advice about phrases, words which can be useful to use in both, formal and informal letters?

All these words: “moreover, furthermore, however, nevertheless, on balance, afterwards” are acceptable.

“To sum up” might be a bit formal but it’s fine if you want to use it because I don’t think your friend will care!

Here’s a BBC lesson about formal and informal letters: http://www.bbc.co.uk/skillswise/factsheet/en11lett-e3-f-writting-letters



It’s interesting to know what does the phrase ” that’s driving me nuts” mean. Is it the same with “it drives me wild”?

“That’s driving me nuts” and “it drives me wild” both normally refer to something which is really annoying you and making you crazy. Being “nuts” is slang for crazy. “Wild” can also mean crazy but might have other connotations, relating to extroversion and often sexuality.

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