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Happy English

Here’s a positive one with some ideas about how to express yourself when you’re happy.

Below is the adjective or phrase which acts as a synonym for “happy”, and an example of how to use it.


If you’re happy:

Pleased: “Very pleased to meet you.”

Chuffed: “She was chuffed with her excellent exam mark.”

Glad: “I’m glad to hear that good news.”

And if you’re really happy:


(Absolutely) delighted

(Absolutely) ecstatic

Jumping for joy: “He was jumping for joy when she said she’d go out with him.”

Over the moon: “If I get through these exams I’ll be over the moon.”

On cloud nine: “Man City fans must be on cloud nine right now!”


If you have any questions, I’ll be (absolutely) delighted to answer them!

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