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Unemployed and broke

These days many people are unemployed and therefore have no money. Here are some words and expressions that some in Britain use to describe these unfortunate people:

On the dole: (slang) if someone is unemployed and receiving unemployment benefits from the government, we describe them as being on the dole.

“Chris isn’t working. He’s been on the dole since February.”

Bankrupt: describes both companies and individuals who have legally had to declare that they have no money. Verb: go bankrupt means to become bankrupt.

“After years without making any profit, the company has gone bankrupt.”

Broke: (slang) same as bankrupt. Someone can be broke (adjective) or can go broke (verb). But it can also mean that someone has no money – which is different from being bankrupt.

“I don’t get paid till Friday so I’m broke for now.”

Go bust: (slang verb) informal substitute for go bankrupt.

“That company has finally gone bust.”

Skint: (slang) means that someone has little or no money, in that they cannot afford to spend money at that moment.

“I can’t go out this weekend, I’m skint.”

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